About Us

Mission Statement

For more than fifteen years the artisans at Wind River Mill have been applying their talents in the woodworking  profession, creating new designs for home and business.

Our designs have encompassed everything, from our very rustic log built pieces, to the elegance of our pillar adorned pieces inspired by the craftsman of centuries prior.

Our purpose at Wind River Mill is to supply our clients with the beauty of timeless design combined with the efficiency of mordern day technology.

Our company thrives on our personal dedication to quality and our commitment to including our clients in the design and ergonomics of their pieces. 

Company History

Founded in 1999 by artisan H. Barton Tippetts the company has been contracted to do many various projects, including renovation work on the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  H. Barton's passion for wood began over thirty years ago and that passion has been exemplified in the many pieces he has produced over the years.

Joined by his son Jeremy in 2011 the company began to pursue new innovative ideas focused on bringing timeless design and cutting-edge technology into one platform.  Although still in the development stages, the first prototype desk is scheduled to be released sometime in the third quarter of this year.  Combining the enduring designs of H. Barton Tippetts with the ease and comfortability of modern day technology, these desks will bring a new dynamic to home and business.

Contact Us

Phone: 801-489-6499
Fax: 801-491-2825
Email: h.bartondesigns@gmail.com